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ISC Annual Credentials

ISC Annual Credentials

ISC Annual Golf Cart Permits can be obtained by contacting golfcarts@americrown.com.

ISC Golf Cart Policy

  • Golf carts or other approved vehicles used on International Speedway Corporation properties are permitted for business purposes only. No personal use is allowed for any reason.
  • Permitted golf carts must be registered (including provision of insurance) with International Speedway Corporation and must display the yearly ISC or official event registration credential on the golf cart at all times.
  • Permitted golf carts must be driven by a licensed driver over the age of 18.
  • No one under the influence of alcohol may operate a golf cart. No consumption of alcohol is permitted in the cart. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any powered vehicle, except for outside commercial delivery purposes only.
  • Physically impaired, disabled or handicapped persons are permitted to use commercially manufactured, single-person electric convenience vehicles (ECV’s). These vehicles will not require a registration credential.
  • Violation of these regulations will result in the golf cart being impounded for the remainder of the event weekend and possible expulsion of the operator from the property.

These regulations are designed to provide a safer environment for all persons attending events at International Speedway Corporation.

To qualify for “business use” the company applying for a golf cart annual permit for an owned cart, must meet the following requirements:

1) Have a current signed contract (hospitality area, display, event sponsorship, official category, vendor agreement, etc.) with ISC (for an annual permit) or with a track (for a single permit)

2) Must be an owner or a driver of a car entered into the event that is verified from the sanctioning body provided list of entrants (team sponsors do not automatically qualify unless they have one of the contracts mentioned above)

3) Must apply for the permit in the same legal contract name or the name of the team, its owner or driver.

4) The permit must be applied for and the certificate of insurance issued in the same name of that contract named entity. (marketing, etc. companies operating displays or hospitality areas and who are not also named in the contract are not eligible) 

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