GEICO Wrapped Golf Cart

Americrown is the exclusive golf cart provider at all ISC tracks; Business Purpose Rentals Only

Each client must meet the following criteria before renting golf carts:

6 Passenger

Business purpose – each client must have a business purpose on property to rent a golf cart (i.e. – race team, hospitality client, corporate display client, etc.). Per ISC policy, to qualify for “business purpose” the company applying to rent a golf cart must meet the following requirements:

Have a current signed contract (hospitality area, display, event sponsorship, official category, vendor agreement, etc.) with ISC, or with a track

Must be an owner, a driver, or team sponsor of a car entered into the event that is verified from the sanctioning body provided list of entrants

Must rent in that same legal contract name or the name of the team, its owner, its driver or sponsor. Full Rental Agreement and Due Dates in Forms Section Below. 

Certificate of Insurance (COI) Required


Flip Rear Seat Cart

Each client must be able to provide a valid certificate of insurance issued in the same name as the rental agreement submitted to Americrown.  We apologize for any inconvenience; the COI requirement cannot be waived.  COI must show a valid general liability policy of no less that $1 million per occurrence, and aggregate of $2 million and list the proper additional insured’s.  The address on the COI should be Americrown Service Corporation PO Box 2801 Daytona Beach, FL  32120. 

Additional insured’s are as follows:

"Americrown Service LLC, International Speedway Corporation, Mid Florida Golf Cars Distributors, Inc. Golf Tournaments Incorporated (GTI) , their respective parent, subsidiaries, limited liability companies and affiliates, and their respective members, shareholders, officers, directors, agents, employees, related or affiliated companies, sponsors, trustees, receivers, successors, subcontractors and assigns, the City of Homestead (*), the Daytona Beach Racing & Recreational Facilities District, City of Daytona Beach, and County of Volusia (**) are named as additional insureds.  This insurance is primary and non-contributory to any other insurance that may be available to an Additional Insured. A waiver of subrogation applies in favor of the Additional Insured". More On COIs in the Form Section Below.

*The City of Homestead is only needed for rentals at Homestead-Miami Speedway

**The Daytona Beach Racing & Recreational Facilities District, City of Daytona Beach, and County of Volusia is only needed for rental at Daytona International Speedway.

Types of Carts/Service Available

Americrown is the exclusive golf cart provider at all ISC tracks.

Utility Cart

6-passenger - $765* plus local sales tax (pictured with top - upper left)

4-passenger - $562* plus local sales tax

4-passenger/flip - $562* plus local sales tax (pictured with top -middle left )

Utility - $651* plus local sales tax (pictured with top - bottom left)

*External Pricing (all prices are per event – NO DAILY RATES); Guaranteed Top - Additional $125 plus local sales tax on each cart



We also offer customized decals and full body wraps for your rented golf cart.  You can have a “mobile billboard” and get your company/team name out there for everyone to see!  Orders must be placed 15 days prior to the event to ensure on time installation.  A .pdf or .ie file of the logo is required.  Flyer in Forms Section.

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